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[GreenYes] Re: PLA-Compostability

The Biodegradable Products Institute ( has a certification
program for these products. Here is the spiel from their site:

The Biodegradable Products Institute and US Composting Council (USCC) use
American Society for Testing and Materials Specifications (ASTM) to approve
products for their ?Compostable Logo? effort. These specifications are the
result of 8 years of intensive work by researchers, product manufacturers,
composters, and resin producers to identify plastic and paper products,
which disintegrate and biodegrade completely and safely when composted in a
municipal or commercial facility, like kraft paper, yard trimmings and food

The "Compostable Logo" is awarded to any products meeting ASTM D6400 or
D6868, based on testing in approved independent laboratories.

To find out how to become part of the Compostable Logo Program, Click Here!


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Subject: [GreenYes] Re: PLA-Compostability

A researcher at Michigan State University did composting of PLA plastics
last year of real products in real compost piles. They placed PLA trays and
bottles tested in compost @ 140ºF ± 10ºF for 30 days and achieved complete
reduction. I'm on the road & don't have the citation - it's in my paper
files. If you can't find it by searching the MSU website (an asst. prof
there I believe; he might have done a lit review as part of his research,
too) email me after 3/1 and I'll dig the citation out.
Anne Peters
Gracestone, Inc.
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Scott Smithline wrote:

Can anyone comment on the breakdown products, time-scle, etc of
'bioplastics' and other 'degradable' plastics?

I am not aware of any in-depth review of
breakdown/compostability/degradability of PLA and other products. The CIWMB
has conducted the following preliminary study under contract with Joe Green
at CSU Chico looking at PLA, corn based and sugar cane based products.

Scott Smithline

Policy Analyst

Californians Against Waste


916-443-3912 (fax)


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