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[GreenYes] new approach to re-use

Excerpt from article in

Garbage hunters

A relatively new mashup [combining e-data from various sources, e.g., Google
maps and other inputs], in which a lot of effort has clearly been invested
and which has lately been taking off in New York, is On
this site, whose objective is to direct people to the eclectic variety of
objects abandoned in the street, one can view pictures of these found
treasures and easily check when they were last observed at a particular
location. On a recent Tuesday evening, for example, the mashup could guide
you to a brown chest of drawers that was seen on 22nd Street between Sixth
and Seventh Avenues; to a desk that was left at the corner of Fifth Avenue
and Fifth Street in Brooklyn; and to a large mirror that someone left
leaning against a wall on MacDougal Street, very close to Washington Square
Park. The site, which at first glance looks like a fringe, anarchist
project, basically serves two purposes: It helps people furnish their homes
for free, and it also helps clear the city of garbage.

David Cohen, 24, from California, who recently began studying at the
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, described the site not
only as a starting point for an urban adventure, but also as a convenience
and a way to save money.

"When me and my friends moved into our new apartment, we waited until the
first of the month to see what would be posted," he says. "Sure enough, free
furniture was being laid out all over the city, and we had maps and pictures
to them all."

Kendall Christiansen

Gaia Strategies

151 Maple Street

Brooklyn, NY 11225

o: 718.941.9535; cell: 917.359.0725

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