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[GreenYes] Green Emperor, Part V

For anyone interested in global warming and the questions of the
environmental movement¹s role in things (esp. the continuing fallout from
the paper ³The Death of Environmentalism²), you can read my latest
installment of The Green Emperor Gets Naked at

I make the case that perhaps mainstream Environmental Groups need to drop
some of their commitments and focus on preservation/conservation and public
health letting the sustainable development and environmental justice groups
tangle with global warming. I do not offer a plan for how this would come
about (although I plan to...). Nor do I offer suggestions on who falls into
the categories of the sustainable development/environmental justice groups.
I would say, though, that recycling fits the bill as one of the groups that
should be focusing more on climate change.

You can read the article at: <>

If you want to read the whole essay so far (Parts I-V) go

If you disagree with my thoughts, by all means let me know! These issues
need to be debated...desperately!

P.S. Watchout for the little music applet at the site. You can turn it off
in the box to the left.

David Biddle, Executive Director

P.O. Box 4037
Philadelphia, PA 19118
215-432-8225 (mobile)


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businesses in communities across North America!
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