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[GreenYes] states w/ recycling laws

Dear List Members,

I'm sure I've seen a study with a table listing all the US states and
indicating in 1 column which ones have recycling enabling legislation. I think I
possibly saw even more details, such as which states have (or had) landfill
surcharges, or other funding mechanisms supporting integrated waste management,
with reuse, reduce, and recycling at the top of the hierarchy. I've searched
high & low, but not been able to find this document in my computer files.

I'm wondering if this rings a bell with any of you, and whether you can
suggest a source, or have the document. I'd be greatly obliged if you could post
any leads that might help me track down this study for the State of New Mexico.
I'm writing the state's new Solid Waste Management Plan and very much need a
picture of what's happening in other states.

If you have the document (which I'm sure is in the public domain), I'd be
very grateful if you could send it as an electronic file directly to me at

The state is not able to pay for this info, which is why I think we could not
use any of the great work done by the late Michelle Raymond's group, such as
State Recycling Laws.

Many thanks for any & all leads,

Gretchen Brewer
NM Environment Dept
Solid Waste Bureau
Santa Fe, NM

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