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[GreenYes] Re: Listserve Problem - how to find individual email addresses


Here is what you can do to reply to John and to find his email address.
In doing this, you probably will need to log onto Google Groups using
the email address and password you used to sign up for the list in the
first place.

First, open the thread in which his email appeared. A link to do so
should be in the digest. Here is the link to that thread:

(note- if the above line wraps, you may have to enter the last few
letters of the link by hand into the address line of your browser. The
part of the address after /thread/ is 648147c698bbd4cf ).

Once you open the thread and see his message, you can either click on
"reply" at the bottom, or click on "show options" right after his name.
If you click on "Show options", you will see most of his email
address, but a key part of it will be hidden. Without actually knowing
his email address, you can still reply, reply to author, forward, or do
other things with the message. However, if you want to see his full
email address, you will see that in the middle of the part of his
address that does show is a set of 3 dots "..." that indicate the part
of his address which is hidden. Click on those 3 dots, and then Google
Groups will respond by printing a graphic of a string of letters, and
ask you to type in those letters. After you do so, the next time you
look at his full message under "show options", you will see his full
email address.

I look at this as being a very nice feature, because it protects our
email addresses from address harvesters used to build spam mailing
lists. Our email addresses are only available to members of the group
who take the time to read the graphic and type in the letters shown in
the graphic - something that an automated system cannot do.

Peter Spendelow
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Ann Schneider wrote:
> Hi GRRN Powers That Be:
> I was going to just reply to John about local Hg Thermometers here in the
> SF Bay area when I discovered that I couldn't find John's email address
> anywhere in the digest nor does the Digest have a unique number that I
> can use to back track.
> Does anyone else think this is a problem? Should we be instructed to
> always put our individual email addresses after our names every time?
> The main problem I find on GRRN or most listserves for that matter is the
> number of times a message is repeated as people reply to part of the
> string. Reading GRRN emails would be so much easier if people cleaned
> their reply before hitting the send button.
> Ann Schneider
> Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter
> Mtn. View, CA
> =========================================================================
> =====
> TOPIC: Local take back ordinances for thermostat take-back
> d4cf
> =========================================================================
> =====
> == 1 of 1 ==
> Date: Mon, Jan 9 2006 1:19 pm
> From: "Reindl, John"
> Hi ~
> I have been asked to compile a list of local (county, city, village,
> town, etc) ordinances that require retailers or distributors of mercury
> thermostats to provide for their take-back and recycling.
> If you know of any such ordinances, I would appreciate any information
> that you could send me.
> Thanks,
> John Reindl, Recycling Manager
> Dane County, WI

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