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[GreenYes] Event Notice: ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ – A Book & Film Series

‘Waste Not, Want Not’ – A Book & Film Series
Co-sponsored by Friends of Materials for the Arts & the Reuse Alliance

Mongo - Adventures in Trash (Part 1 of 3)
Monday, Jan. 30th, 6-7pm
Book reading & Discussion, with Ted Botha, author and journalist

’Mongo’, according to the Cassell Dictionary of Slang, is lingo for any discarded object that is retrieved. When Ted Botha moved to Manhattan from South Africa, where people constructed homes out of what others considered trash, he decorated his apartment with furniture he found on the streets. Soon he realized he wasn’t the only person finding things of value in the garbage, and he began roaming the streets meeting all kinds of collectors, united by their obsession with mongo. Join us as Ted recalls his time among these innovative collectors.

Gone Tomorrow, Hidden Life of Garbage (Part 2 of 3)
Monday, Feb. 27th, 6-7pm
Book reading & Discussion, with Heather Parke, author and filmmaker

America leads the world in garbage, and that is nothing to be proud of. In her book, Heather presents a galvanizing expose on how a once ingeniously thrifty society became the planet's trash monsters. She provides many eye-opening examples of corporate strategies and propaganda; and details everything wrong with today's wasteful packaging, problematic recycling, and flawed landfills and incinerators.

The Next Industrial Revolution (Part 3 of 3)
Monday, Mar. 27th, 6-7pm
Film screening & Discussion, with Timothy Logan, NYC Zero Waste Campaign

While some environmental observers predict doomsday scenarios in which a rapidly increasing human population is forced to compete for ever scarcer natural resources, architect Bill McDonough sees a more hopeful future – a part of what McDonough and his partner, Michael Braungart, call ‘the birth of the sustainable economy.' Shot in Europe and the US, this film explores how businesses transform themselves to work with nature and enhance profitability. Afterwards, Timothy will provide us with a fascinating overview of NYC’s emerging ‘zero waste’ movement.

Join us for wine, cheese & interesting discussions.

All three events will be held at the Materials for the Arts* Warehouse: 33-00 Northern Boulevard, 3fl, Long Island City, NY 11101

Admission is free.

PLEASE RSVP AT 718-729-3001 x218

*Materials for the Arts / Department of Cultural Affairs – a reuse program dedicated to the arts community of New York City.

Reuse Alliance (c/o MFTA)
33-00 Northern Blvd
Long Island City, NY 11101

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