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FW: GreenYes list members - Please resubscribe.

Greetings GreenYessers !!!

We're back ... but now we need to get more people to sign up! This email
that Chris sent has the necessary "how to" steps for people to join, so
please solicit your network of people that support Zero Waste and have them
sign on! Go ahead and edit the instructions as you wish, be do get the word
out that the Zero Waste Network is the place to be connect with the other
progressive recyclers and resource defenders in America and the world.

More brains, more ideas, more energy, and more hope!

Eric Lombardi
GRRN Board President
Executive Director
Eco-Cycle Inc

"Anything that changes your values, changes your behavior"
George Sheehan.

-----Original Message-----
From: chris@no.address [mailto:chris@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:32 AM
To: eric@no.address
Subject: GreenYes list members - Please resubscribe.

Dear GreenYes list members,

You are receiving this because you are a

GreenYes list member. If you are also a digest

member, you may receive this twice.

GreenYes list broke on or around October 13, 2005.

I've been getting a lot of individual emails asking

about this. So i thought I'd email everyone

separately this way to get us all on the same page.

I have been able to retrieve the list subscribers,

and am writing to inform you that a new list has been

created on Google groups. This is not a news list but

a true email list. There will be a google archive

of the list with full email protection from bots.

Some of you may have received an email from

Google Groups asking you to subscribe. Often,

the invitation will find its way into your spam folder.

If you can retrieve this, please confirm your subscription

here. If you cannot confirm this, please re-subscribe.

There are two ways you can subscribe:

The old way and the new (google) way.

If you have a google account already, you can

subscribe from your google account. You do not

need to have a gmail account to have a google account,

and you may use whatever email address you prefer.

You can even subscribe several emails and set one

or more of them simply for posting and not receiving,

by creating an account for each email address and

setting the 'receive email' setting to 'none.'

The best way is the new way. You can go here:

If you like the old way, you won't have as many options,

but you can still use the traditional method.

If you prefer the digest, you will need to subscribe

using the GMail method. There is no other subscription

method for the digest that I've been able to find,

but the new way is painless.

To subscribe to this group via email, address the email to:


To unsubscribe from this group via email, address the email to:


You can also do these actions and more

by visiting the group's homepage at:

If you have questions related to this or any

other Google group, please visit the Help Center at:

You will not be able to submit until

you subscribe to the new group.


For a while the greenyes@no.address will forward to the google groups

address, but please note that this will change in the next month.

If your address sends out an autoreply,

you may have trouble subscribing.

Remove the autoreply during subscription.



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