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[GreenYes] Re: First Curbside Program

Gretchen, on the two programs you mentioned, the EPA awarded the grants in July 1975, and the kickoff for Somerville was on December 1, 1975, and Marblehead on Jan 12, 1976. [Source EPA Pub SW-551, Nov 1976].

Davis, CA tried a news only pilot collection in February 1974, and when that did not work, went to citywide, weekly multi-material curbside collection in July 1974.

Richard Gertman

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There were 2 EPA pilots--Somerville, MA, and Marblehead, MA, done
simultaneously or in close succession. I thought the dates were 1972 or
1973, but I'm not sure about that. EPA published studies on both, but
don't know if those pubs are still in EPA archives. I cc'd this to Mike
Giurana at EPA, who is a wealth of information. Possibly he can track

Gretchen Brewer
NM Environment Dept

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I thought it was Sommerville, Mass., under an EPA grant around 1970-1.
Berekely started a year or so later.

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Subject: [GreenYes] First Curbside Program

Can anybody tell me which city started the first curbside recycling
program in the U.S. and Canada? I've heard of several contenders for the
honor. Probably there were several that started around the same time.
But I wonder whether it's possible to point to one as the first.


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