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[GreenYes] RE: Ask the Expert: environmental

Dear Mrs. Momcilovic

I am very happy to get an e-mail from your country. I know that your
country is recovering from very difficult times, and it is good to see
people like you seeking out the world environmental community, to address
issues like zero waste. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have

In regards to finance and budget, I am sorry to say you are not alone.
Virtually every environmental organization is having problems finding enough
money to continue; funding for the future is even tougher. We are primarily
funded by the United States government, and that funding is getting harder
to obtain0 every year. You could probably find some financing by holding
workshops to industrial manufacturers and showing them benefits to reducing
pollution at it's source. This is not enough to fund a center, but it does
provide some funds.

We are not familiar with the European Union, and their grant systems. It is
my thinking that there must be a grant under the EU Environmental Agency to
help foriegn countries comply with ROHS/WEE. I see that your country has
applied for membership with the EU. I could certainly help you prepare a
grant, and give you solid facts to help your proposal.

I hope this starts to answer your questions. Feel free to ask more.

I had some difficulty understanding your e-mail...was it generated with a

I am copying two list-servers that have people from all over the world. One
is Green Yes, the other is zero waste international. They may have some
ideas to help you.


From: web@no.address [mailto:web@no.address]
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 12:11 PM
To: tvinson@no.address
Subject: Ask the Expert

Name: Zeljka, Momcilovic

Occupation: nonpro

State:Outside United States

Where Looked: Amicable environmental greeting! My name is Zeljka Momcilovic
(project manager)end I am representative of organization Zero Waste Serbia
(ZWS) from Belgrade. We are not government organization ( NVO), from Serbia
in Europe( ex Yugoslavia republic), and operate in the name Zero Waste
Serbia lateer year. ZWS main ourselves protection life environment and
recycling WEEE gibberish. We are related with all important organization at
area, and naturally, collaborate with in the first flight domestic institute
as is institute :Mihajlo Pupin" at Belgrade. Main design us is recycling
WEEE gibberish (primarily computers) jointly with company "CET" from
Belgrade . But more have ever so learn and appeal from experienced
organization. We have little and modest budget and cannot finance perfection
of employed (seminars, educations, international groups, samits,
publications ets.), and there are ever so ideas and anthusiasm. If you to
able us assist? To interest us: How do you afford us to help with friendly
proposal and concil opinion, because we are erstwhile activity and shall be
us all professional assistance? Whether afford us to help one's self yours
experience development ideas and financing plans. Whence are and how begin,
how are you solve status volunteer, which plan is gotten uttermost response
out, as are present at media? Ever so us amuste through which plan attain
large grant? Do you help us and second at this intention ? Please, contact
me abaut outcome of preliminary letter so to be able amplify about our
prospect. (NVO): "Zero Waste Serbia" State: Serbia Town: Belgrade Continent:
Europa e mail: info@no.address
zerowasteserbia@no.address Contak person : mrs. Zeljka Momcilovic (project
manager) Cordial greeting!

Topic: environmental


Email: info@no.address

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