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[greenyes] Climate Disruption at Home - Life Boats Instead of Barnraising

Above the Arctic Circle, the polar ice cap is receding; in Antarctica,
whole ice shelf's are calving; across the mountains of the world, glaciers
are disappearing; but here at home is what I notice most.

When I first moved to Madison 35 years ago, and for at least 10-15 years
after that, the leaves here in the northern latitudes would be all gone by
yesterday or today, depending upon when that final rain clipped the last
stems. Today, however, the leaves on our native trees are just beginning to
turn, and probably won't be gone for another week or perhaps more.
Concomitantly, in the spring, the time when the trees are leafed out has
moved one week earlier in April. Together the time when our trees are green
in Wisconsin has stretched out by nearly 3 weeks.

Of course, warmer climes in general does not bode good news, because the
localized effects will create many tragic losers, along with possibly a few
winners, with the resulting tragedies lapping at everyone's shores, leaving
no safe harbors.

And therein lies the rub.

America is built on screwing the other guy. Behind our gated
communities, we focus on life boats, rather than barn raising.

To confront the challenges global warming is bringing, on other hand, to
make due with less -- which ought to be so simple in that we have so much
more than we need -- will vitally depend upon reigniting a profound sense of
comity among all of us, because, otherwise, each will demand to be kept held
harmless, when that is no longer possible. In the race to be the first to
bolt to the door, so many more will be stampeded underfoot.

I try to explain to my 8 year old son what is happening to us, and most
of all to his emerging generation now playing with their game boys, because
ours failed him, though he doesn't understand, yet.

But for our willingness to accept as leaders those who are morally
bankrupt, enthralled with payoffs from the ethically least amongst us, we
are where we now in the pickle we find ourselves.

Yet, outrage can, at times, be a salutary influence, and never more than

Change is possible if we confront what is happening. The leaves still
on Madison's trees here in October tell me that it is no longer a problem
that can be put off until tomorrow.


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