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[greenyes] AWMA June Meeting in New Orleans - Call for Abstracts -- Deadline extended to Oct 14

Are you involved in conducting research into municipal or medical waste technologies, operations, prevention and management methods, legislation, programs, systems, or economics? If so, or if you have colleagues who are, the AWMA provides a great opportunity for you to present your findings at an international conference attracting thousands.

Since the hurricanes, we could have a great opportunity to hear presentations about handling large volumes of solid waste, contaminated or otherwise. The AWMA's waste management division is searching the landscape for quality abstracts for next June's conference, and as division chair, I encourage everyone involved with innovative research, lessons learned, success stories etc to submit an abstract. This year, AWMA has allowed us to choose some topic areas under which we can categorize all the abstracts that come in. The conference website,, gives general information about the conference next June, and the list of 16 topic areas are given below. Please feel encouraged to submit an abstract online; it couldn't be simpler. Just go to: <> We will have as many sessions in these topic areas as we can fill with quality abstracts. And feel encouraged to send this message and Call for Abstracts out to your colleagues.

Abstracts are due on September 30. The manuscripts are due in for peer review in January. The proceedings are available on CD at the conference. The conference is still scheduled to take place in New Orleans. AWMA is keeping in touch with the city and so far, they are giving the green light for the conference to be held there next summer. If not, AWMA will find another location. In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please let me know, and I'll do my best to answer.

Topic areas:
Integrated MSW Management Systems : Zero Waste Systems: Resource

MSW Recycling Technology, Economics, and Policy

MSW Prevention and Reuse; Waste Generation and Characterization;
Materials Reduction

E-Waste Reuse, Recycling, and Management

International Perspectives and Case Studies in Municipal Solid Waste

Special Wastes Prevention, Reuse, and Management

Water/Wastewater Treatment Residuals, Management, and Processing

Landfilling and Composting Technologies, Policies, and Applications
Bioenergy and Alternative Fuels - Technologies, Policies, and Applications
Ash and Residuals Management and Beneficial Use - Technologies, Policies,
and Applications

Industrial Non-Hazardous Waste Management and Treatment

Thermal Treatment of Solid Wastes/ Residuals and Waste-To-Energy Applications

Medical Waste Management and Policy
Medical Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling
Medical Waste Treatment and Processing Technology
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Management

Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Chair, AWMA WM Division

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