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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 16:28:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Center for Ecoliteracy <newsletter@no.address>

September 2005
In This Issue <file://#feature>Bioneers Voices: Fritjof Capra <file://#article1>Spotlight Resource: Center for Ecoliteracy <file://#article2>Educator Profile: Stephen Rutherford <file://#article3>Bioneers Update <file://#article4>Bioneers Buzz Survey <file://#article5>Bioneers Membership Book of the Month <file://#article7>Community News & Events <file://#article8>Food and Farming News

The Center for Ecoliteracy is pleased to forward the September issue of the Bioneers Buzz in a special mailing to our readers. We hope you will enjoy their coverage of our shared concerns, and become more familiar with their upcoming programs:

Environmental education has gone way beyond the conventional classroom, exploding into a complete shift in the way we learn about and connect to our environments.

This new language of ecological literacy encompasses education, ecology, economy, and community.

Special Bulletin:

Find out how you can help in the aftermath of <>Hurricane Katrina.

Bioneers Voices: Fritjof Capra

"Through [experiences in the natural world] we become aware of how we ourselves are part of the web of life, and over time the experience of ecology in nature gives us a sense of place. We become aware of how we are embedded in an ecosystem; in a landscape with a particular flora and fauna; in a particular social system and culture. There are many ways to experience nature and learn from her wisdom."

--From Fritjof Capra's preface to Ecological Literacy.

<>Click here to read more (PDF File)

<>Purchase Radio Series V: Part 11 & 12 with Fritjof Capra.



Spotlight Resource: Center for Ecoliteracy

The Center for Ecoliteracy is a public foundation dedicated to education for sustainable living-education which cultivates the competencies of head, heart, hands and spirit that will enable children to become citizens capable of creating and caring for sustainable societies. Creating societies whose practices are compatible with the processes by which ecosystems sustain themselves requires ecological knowledge, or "ecoliteracy."

The Center supports a grantmaking program for school communities and educational organizations such as Literacy for Environmental Justice; convenes networks of its grantees; sponsors projects such as Rethinking School Lunch; administers donor-advised funds; and manages a publishing imprint.

<>Learn more about the Center for Ecoliteracy: »



Educator Profile: Stephen Rutherford

"Integrating food and lunch into the curriculum and culture of the school is a means to educate the whole child-to pay attention to the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual."

Stephen Rutherford teaches at John Muir Elementary School in Berkeley, California.

Through a matching grant to the Berkeley Unified School District from the Center for Ecoliteracy, he is working this year with Berkeley teachers as part of the School Lunch Initiative, a project that revolutionizes school lunch by making food an integral part of the academic day.

Stephen will be one of the leaders of an educator's forum to be facilitated by the Center for Ecoliteracy at the 2005 Bioneers Conference.

<>Link to School Lunch Initiative: »



Bioneers Update

Bioneers 2005 Conference Update

There is still time to join us for the 16th annual <>Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, CA - Oct. 14-16.

Get Inspired. Get Informed. Get Connected.
<>Get Registered.

Workshop Highlight: Educator's Forum

Bioneers Conference; Saturday 2:45 to 4:15 pm; Youth Tent

Join the Center for Ecoliteracy and the Bioneers Youth Initiative for an interactive forum to explore the role of educators in changing the world.

Beaming Bioneers

Can't make it to the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California? Not to worry. There are 17 communities across North America that will be hosting regional Bioneers Conferences, featuring the plenaries from the main conference alongside local speakers, workshops, and exhibitors.

For more information on <>Bioneers Satellite sites



Bioneers Buzz Survey

Buzz Survey

Win a Bioneers Conference DVD!

Tell us what you think of The Buzz. By completing a short online survey you will automatically be entered into a random drawing where ten respondents will win a 2004 Bioneers Conference Plenary DVD.

Click <>Bioneers Buzz Survey and select The Buzz survey for your chance to win!



Bioneers Membership

Be one of the first sixteen people to join online in the month of September and receive a FREE copy of the newest book in the Bioneers Book series Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World!

<>Join the Bioneers!

Special thanks to <>Plenty magazine<> for our August's online contest prize!



Book of the Month

Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World

Reorienting the way human beings live on the Earth and educating children to their highest capacities have much in common, say the thinkers and educators behind this ground-breaking book.

Both endeavors must be viewed and pursued in the context of systems: familial, geographic, ecological, and political.

And our efforts to build sustainable communities cannot succeed unless future generations learn how to partner with natural systems to their mutual benefit.

In other words, they must become "ecologically literate."

With contributions from distinguished writers and educators, such as Jeannette Armstrong, Wendell Berry, and Michael Ableman, Ecological Literacy marries theory and practice based on the best thinking about how the world actually works and how learning occurs.

Parents and educators everywhere who are engaged in creative efforts to develop new curricula and improve children's ecological understanding will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

Available October 2005

<>Place your Order Today! »



Community News & Events

Literacy for Environmental Justice announces the statewide "Education Not Contamination"conference, to be held on December 4th-6th, 2005 in San Francisco, CA.

This conference will bring together teachers, students, parents, and school health advocates from communities across California to discuss the sitting of schools near toxic sites.

The conference will include educational workshops about the effects of toxins on children's health, a youth track including media and advocacy training, and a legislative hearing.

Registration is $10; Travel scholarships available. For more information, contact: <file://'mailto:"superfundschools@no.address";'>Sherlina Nageer

(415) 282-6840

<>Literacy for Environmental Justice<>




Food and Farming News

The nationally recognized Bioneers Moving Image Festival which takes place at the 2005 Bioneers Conference announces:

Larger Than Life: Food and Farming at the Movies

A panel discussion in collaboration with the Center for Ecoliteracy

Sunday, October 16, 2:45 PM

Panelists include: Filmmakers Michael Ableman (The Hands That Feed Us), Emiko Omori and Jed Riffe (Ripe for Change), Taggart Siegel (The Real Dirt on Farmer John) and Deborah Koons Garcia (The Future of Food).

The Future of Food played at Bioneers 2004 to a standing-room-only crowd.

<>See 'The Future of Food' Trailer: »

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