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[greenyes] Job in NM


New job posting in New Mexico, Bureau Chief of the State's Solid Waste
Bureau follows. Some call it the Land of Enchantment, I call it the Land of
Recycling Opportunity. The State has and is very supportive of diversion.and
this position will guide this support from a regulatory and policy
standpoint. Any and all are is a permanent (not at the pleasure
of anyone) position. The pay may not be great, but you can definitely make
it in Santa Fe on what they offer (I speak from experience)

You can contact me with any off the record questions or E Gifford Stack at
<mailto:e.gifford.stack@no.address> e.gifford.stack@no.address for on the
record correspondence.



General Manager - 9121

Recruitment Period: 09/16/2005 - 10/16/2005

TOOL NUMBER: 667-30-25-00-00-00-01

Location: Santa Fe

Agency: Environment Dept.

Assessment: Rated

Job Status: Perm

Pay Grade: R5

Hourly Range: $23.269 - $38.750

Purpose of Position:

Manage, oversee and direct the Environment Department's Solid Waste Bureau.
Establish budgets and track goals and objectives. Direct and rank by
priority staff activities to achieve program goals and objectives. Provide
work assignments, guidance, and direction to staff managers and participate
in the legislative process.


Bachelor's degree in Natural Science, Physical Science, Environmental
Science, Engineering or Mathematics. (A master's degree in any of the
above-mentioned fields may substitute for 2 years of the non-managerial


Eight (8) years experience in environmental regulation to include five (5)
years managerial experience.

Agency Preference: N/A

Statutory Requirements: N/A

Conditions of Employment:

NM driver's license.

Working Conditions:

Office setting. In-state and out-of-state travel required. Personal
protection equipment is required while on-site at regulated facilities.
Overtime may be required.


Please submit a: Job Interest Form (JIF), resume/application available at and transcripts to: Carolyn
Martinez, Environment Department, Human Resource Bureau, 1190 St. Francis
Drive, Harold Runnels Bldg., P.O. Box 26110, Santa Fe, NM 87502 *Note:
E-mail applications not accepted.

In Addition:

Please submit a separate: Job Interest Form (JIF), resume/application
available at and transcripts to:
Jim Norton, 1190 St. Francis Drive, Room 2150, P.O. 26110, Santa Fe, NM
87502 ~ Phone: (505) 827-0397

*Note: Email applications not accepted

Justin Stockdale

Recycling / Special Projects Manager

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency

149 Wildlife Way

Santa Fe, NM 87506

505-424-1850 ext. 110 or 505-780-0628cell

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