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[greenyes] Pa. Governor Announces Recycling Performance Grants

from "Recycling Today"
Pa. Governor Announces Recycling Performance Grants

Gov. Edward G. Rendell has announced nearly $5.2 million in recycling performance grants
to 62 Pennsylvania communities for their recycling efforts in 2003.
"These communities have earned these grants by supporting and encouraging recycling that
takes these items out of the trash and makes them available to manufacturers," Rendell
says. "I encourage local officials to use these grants to support even stronger municipal
recycling programs that will keep Pennsylvania clean and competitive."
In Pennsylvania, more than 3,247 recycling and reuse businesses and organizations generate
more than $18.4 billion in gross annual sales and provide jobs for more than 81,322
employees at an annual payroll of approximately $2.9 billion. These businesses add more
than $305 million in taxes to the commonwealth treasury, according to the state's
Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
"The success of the recycling industry in Pennsylvania is proof that environmental
stewardship can be an engine of economic growth," DEPSecretary Kathleen A. McGinty says.
Including these 62 grants, more than 770 grants have been approved from nearly 800
applications that DEP received by the Sept. 30, 2004, filing deadline for recycling
performance during the 2003 calendar year. Additional awards will be made as the remaining
applications are processed.
Applications for the 2004 round of recycling performance grants are now available. The
deadline for applying for the grants is Sept. 30.


Dan Weisenbach
Columbus, Ohio

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