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Re: [greenyes] cost for hauling commercial recyclables

I just recently moved from Grand Forks, ND. I worked at a business and because there was a charge my boss did not want to recycle. In previous years I worked at Royal Fork Restuarant. My boss there would like to have recycled, but that also cost him out of pocket money.

There is no charge to recycle corragated cardboard. Huge dumpsters are supplied for that, so i suspect that is profitable for Waste Management.

Karin Grobe <KGrobe@no.address> wrote:
I'm curious about the cost for businesses to recycle in other jurisdictions.
Recycling is usually free to residents but I guess that is not always the case
for businesses.

Two of the cities in the county do their own hauling and provide businesses with
unlimited free recycling of mixed paper and containers. Other county
jurisdictions (all of which contract with Waste Management for business hauling)
allow two 64-gallon carts of free recycling pickup and businesses need to pay if
they want more.

I'd be interested in hearing about other cities and counties, especially in

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