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[greenyes] Call to Participate - GAIA GDA 7 Sept 05

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Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 3:31 AM
Subject: Call to Participate - GAIA GDA 7 Sept 05

Dear Zero Wasters,

Greetings from the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives / Global
Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA).

We are thrilled to inform you that 75 groups from 32 countries have now
indicated their involvement in the approaching GAIA Global Day of Action
(GDA) on 7 September 2005. The growing list of participants includes
citizens? coalitions, which are participating for the first time, namely:
the NGO Forum on Cambodia, Coalition Return to Sender of Canada, Waste
Prevention Alliance of Hungary, and the Italian Network for Zero Waste.
This year?s GDA will also see the participation of newly formed waste
groups such as the association of Filipino waste pickers called
Kabalikasan, ilima-Kenya, and the Zero Waste Institute of South Africa.
The latest list of participating groups is pasted below.

We invite you once again to take part in the global manifestation of our
concern and unity for real solutions to waste and toxic problems facing
our communities. Please inform us of your intent to participate and what
you plan to do not later than 25 August 2005, so we can put the
information into our website. You may write to me at

The following is a preview of what some of the participating groups will
do on or around 7 September 2005.

Warmest thanks and regards to all.

Manny C. Calonzo

Ambiente e Futuro-Tuscany and the Rete Donne Brianza (a women?s network)
are coordinating the various groups in Italy that will organize
demonstrations, press events and other initiatives in observance of the
GDA. HuMuSz, the Waste Prevention Alliance is working with local NGOs in
drawing attention to eight new incinerator proposals in Hungary that will
be financed by the European Union. HuMuSz will campaign for its National
Waste Prevention Strategy, which focuses on alternative policies and
actions to put a stop to wasting and burning. In Russia, the Eco-Accord
will prepare an overview of the Russian policy on chemicals, with
particular focus on waste, and present appropriate recommendations,
including moving away from incinerator to Zero Waste.

Earthlife Africa, Pioneers of Change and the Zero Waste Institute of South
Africa will hold a media event to stir up discussion and action towards
moving Durban/e Thekwini into a ?world class city? that will implement
the Zero Waste philosophy, avoiding waste from source, safely managing
discards and creating sustainable jobs. The newly formed ilima-Kenya will
publish an article in a leading newspaper that will sensitize the public
about the many problems associated with the burning of waste.

The Non-Incineration Citizens of Japan will campaign against waste
incineration at the ?Stop Global Warming Symposium,? which will take place
in Yokohama as part of the 15th Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change.
In northern Malaysia, the Penang Environment Working Group is joining
hands with the Consumers? Association of Penang and the Centre for
Community and Environmental Development in organizing a public forum that
will carry the theme ?No to Incinerators, Don?t Burn Away our Future.? To
mark the GDA, the Centre for Environment Justice will join villages hit by
the great Asian tsunami last December 2004 and raise community awareness
on the ecological way of managing discards. In Uzbekistan, a round table
discussion about the country?s draft national waste management strategy is
being planned

Some GAIA members in US will observe the GDA by participating in a major
conference in southern California on plastics and their impacts on the
ocean. In New York, Cancer Action will hold a press conference to
publicize the group?s outreach to high school health instructors on the
cancer risk of dioxin exposure and the need for dioxin minimization,
including a transition to no-burn waste management. In Argentina, the
Taller Ecologista, Zero Waste Rosario Group and GAIA will make a public
presentation to push for the Zero Waste Plan for Rosario City to deal with
its growing waste problems estimated at 800 tonnes daily. The Associação
de Combate aos POPs and the Centro de Estudos Integrados e de Promo o do
Ambiente e da Cidadania in Brazil, Tropico Verde in Guatemala, Greenpeace
in Mexico, and the Fundacion Aguaclara will raise public awareness on
waste and related issues using the Internet, radio, newspaper and other
information media.

Waste and Incineration
7 September 2005

Alianza Global para Alternativas a la Incineración Asociación Vecinal
Moronense BIOS Argentina Coalicion Ciudadana Anti Incineracion dela
Argentina Eco Sitio Taller Ecologista Zero Waste Rosario Group ARMENIA
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment Association of Social
Economic Researchers "Khazer" Ecological and Cultural NGO BRAZIL
Associação de Combate aos POPs / Associação de Consciência à Prevenção
Ocupacional Centro de Estudos Integrados e de Promo o do Ambiente e da
Cidadania CAMBODIA Buddhist Association for Environmental Awakening
Cambodian Volunteers for Society NGO Forum on Cambodia CANADA Coalition
Return to Sender CZECH REPUBLIC Hnuti Duha/Friends of the Earth FIJI
Pacific Concerns Resource Center FRANCE Centre National d?Information
Independante sur les Déchets Mouvement pour les Droits et le Respect des
Générations Futures GUATEMALA Tropico Verde HUNGARY HuMuSz - Waste
Prevention Alliance INDIA Exnora International Poovulagin Nanbargal
Society for Direct Initiative for Social and Health Action Thanal ITALY
Ambiente e Futuro Committee of Citizens against Incinerators - Genoa
Italian Network for Zero Waste Rete Donne Brianza JAPAN Non-Incineration
Citizens KENYA Environmental Liaison Education and Action for Development
Ilima-Kenya Physicians for Social Responsibility LIBERIA Pollution
Control Association MACEDONIA Central and Eastern Europe Bankwatch Network
MALAYSIA Broga Documentary Team Centre for Community and Environmental
Development Consumers? Association of Penang Penang Environment Working
Group Sahabat Alam Malaysia/Friends of the Earth MEXICO Greenpeace Mexico
NEPAL Pro Public PHILIPPINES Archdiocese of Manila Ecology Desk Bangon
Kalikasan Movement Cavite Green Coalition Ecological Waste Coalition
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Greenpeace Southeast Asia
Health Care Without Harm Institute for the Development of Educational and
Ecological Alternatives Maskara Youth Theater Group Mother Earth
Foundation Philippine Greens Samahang Kabalikat ni Inang Kalikasan sa
Matatag na Kinabukasan RUSSIA Eco-Accord Greenpeace Russia SOUTH AFRICA
Earthlife Africa Groundwork Pioneers of Change South Durban Community
Environmental Alliance Zero Waste Institute of South Africa SPAIN
Ecologistas en Acci n de Navarra SRI LANKA Centre for Environment Justice
TANZANIA Agenda for Environment and Responsible Development TOGO Young
Volunteers for the Environment UGANDA Environmental NGOs Lobby Group
Probiodiversity Conservationists in Uganda UKRAINE
Brighton and Hove Friends of the Earth
Southeast Action Group for the Environment UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Cancer
Action Green Delaware Zero Waste Communities (San Diego, California)
UZBEKISTAN "Development of a National Waste Management Strategy in
Uzbekistan? Project VENEZUELA Fundación Aguaclara

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