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RE: [greenyes] Recyclables List

Not to split hairs, but the recyclability of most things is generally driven
by local markets. I doubt a 6th grader would really discern this, but if
the only recycling market for something is located in Indonesia, is it
really recyclable?

A Kirkegaardian ponderable.

Another interesting question for your friend's class is: are there things
that *shouldn't* be recycled, even if there is a market? Toxics,
contaminated items, etc. It's a nice way to teach kids about barriers which
should be there vs. perceptions that are there for no reason. Also a nice
way to distinguish between reuse and recycling.

Good luck
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From: Amy Hemmert [mailto:amy@no.address]
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 11:22 AM
To: greenyes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] Recyclables List

I just received the following email from a 6th grade teacher visiting our
site. She's looking for a complete list of what materials are recyclable,
regardless of what's recycled in a particular area of the country. Anyone
know where she can find this information?

I am gathering a number of samples of different items and plan to ask my
class to research which are/and which are not recyclable.
-- the lining bag of most cereal boxes, which seem to made of wax paper.
-- styrofoam
-- tin foil
Would you know of a reliable place /site where I could get a listing of
those materials/items which CAN be recycled -- even if the facilities for it
are not currently available?
Thank you.

Amy Hemmert
Obentec, Inc.


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