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[greenyes] RE : [greenyes] Aluminum Beer Bottles

In response of Mark Snyder comment, refillable bottle is not a problem in a
bar. In Québec, 90 % of the beer sold in a container are refillable (173 M
single service containers vs 1 360 M refillable containers in 2003). I
don't have the specific number for the bar but, my experience tell me it's
the same.

Mario Laquerre

Mark Snyder wrote : Most glass bottles used at bars and other
establishments/events are not refilled. And the way they are handled tends
to lead to a great deal of breakage, which can make recycling more difficult
unless you have a processor with optical sorting equipment.

There are still some liquor stores that will sell you beer in returnable
bottles, but those are also becoming scarce.

The only growing market for returnable glass bottles that I have seen is
with natural foods co-ops offering milk and cream in returnables.


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