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RE: [greenyes] Aluminum Beer Bottles

It seems to me that the economics are improved for the recycling program
only by making an initial expenditure of an enormous amount of energy (and
negative environmental impact, include greenhouse effects), with the
recycling system having lower impacts than the use of virgin materials.

While recycling economics are improved, it does not seem to me that the
overall system environmental impacts are.

And as much as I like to see favorable economics, my main goal is to reduce
the environmental impacts of our materials use.

I suggest that we look towards other methods to improve the economics of
recycling, such as internalizing externalities, reducing or eliminating
subsidies for virgin materials, developing mandatory programs (to capture
economies of scale), expanding deposit systems, etc.

John Reindl

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> Subject: [greenyes] Aluminum Beer Bottles
> [Finally a packaging innovation that improves recycling
> programs' bottom
> line. - p]
> This Aluminum Bud is For You
> Anheuser-Busch Cos., St. Louis, is planning a national
> rollout of Budweiser
> in aluminum bottles for the month of May, according to a
> report in the St.
> Louis Post-Dispatch.
> The 16-ounce aluminum containers (far right) have previously
> been used for
> the company's Michelob family of beers, but the flagship
> Budweiser brand
> will get its turn this spring.
> On a unit basis, the containers cost more to make than glass
> bottles, but
> the brewing company is hopeful the distinct aluminum bottle
> will to catch
> the attention of Budweiser drinkers at clubs and bars.
> "...
> The new aluminum bottles will be offered in bars, restaurants
> and clubs as
> well as at some convenience stores. They are now being introduced
> nationally, according to the Anheuser-Busch Web site.
> "Our new aluminum bottles gives consumers what they want -
> cool packaging to
> complement their image and style," Rick Leininger, director, Michelob
> Brands, said regarding the new containers for that brand
> family. "This sleek
> and sophisticated bottle fills the need for beer drinkers in certain
> settings like upscale bars and clubs."
> "..."
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