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RE: [greenyes] Chrichtons book

Be careful what you wish for. Yes, some places on the planet will become more pleasant
to live in, at least for some of the year. Unfortunately, while predictions are that
SoCal will be getting rain later in the year similar to this year's pattern, the average
annual rainfall will probably go down slightly. The major problem is that our water
system is designed around a Sierra snow pack that will to all intents and purposes cease
to exist, which will in turn necessitate a near-complete rebuild, including much more
reservoir storage with all of the attendant environmental impacts. Alternatively, we
could build a string of nukes up and down the coast to power large-scale desalinization.
Oh yes, there will also be a much-increased number of heat wave days in the coastal
cities, kind of like what Palm Springs has now.
-- Steve Bloom (SF Bay Area resident)

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> I'm sitting here in my study, looking out the window and remembering
> what a glorious day it was here in SoCal today. We (probably) broke
> our annual rainfall record but the sun came out and the sky was clear,
> blue, and a little cool, w/o smog or stickiness or ickiness of any
> kind.
> If this is "Global Warming", give me more.
> --
> Paleontologists recently announced they have
> discovered when Man first discovered language:
> Just after he invented the hammer and nail.
> And it was BAD language.

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