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[greenyes] Fwd: NYC E-Waste Bill Introduced

Yesterday the New York City Council introduced comprehensive electronics recycling legislation for the City.

You can check it out on, the NYC Waste Prevention Coalition's website. Here's the direct link:

This bill requires any manufacturer of computers, TVs, portable digital music players (e.g., Ipods) and other specified electronic equipment that sells such goods in NYC to set-up a free ?take-back? system to collect and then recycle or reuse these items. To continue selling their goods in NYC, manufacturers must submit waste management plans to the City?s Sanitation Department by 1/1/08 detailing, among other things, how they will collect and recycle/reuse the equipment once it is either discarded or is no longer wanted by its owner. The bill covers both residential and commercial e-waste.

The bill does not require any specific collection program be set up ? but rather leaves it the manufacturers to design the most efficient system. Manufacturers can set up this ?take-back? program on their own or create an industry consortium to satisfy the law. Manufacturers would also be responsible for a ?pro rata? share of NYC ?orphan waste.? Manufacturers would need to ensure that any collection programs meet specified ?performance standards? ? specifically, they would need to meet minimum collection rates based upon average annual sales in the city. By 2010, the collection rate would need to 30% of sales; this rate rises to 55% by 2015; and 80% by 2018.

To encourage the reuse of electronic equipment, the bill would give manufactures double credit in meeting its minimum collection rates for any unit either donated to the NYC Education Department or a non-profit organization benefiting low-income NYC kids and families.

Thanks to Mark A. Izeman, Senior Attorney, NRDC for the writeup.

If you want to provide support for / comments on the bill, send to Carmen Cognetta, infcogne@no.address, with a copy to the Waste Prevention coalition: nycwpcsteering@no.address


Maggie Clarke, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist and Educator
New York City

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