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[greenyes] Recycling in our County

It may sound funny, but our Regional Solid Waste Authority reports 8.3% for the three county area. Our Paid, County Litter Control Office reports Oil (used motor oil) and Metal (white goods) as the only items our county recycles.

Many have been pushing for more recycling in our county for many years only to be told "it costs too much" by those in charge of making these decisions.

That would include our county administrator, Litter Control Office, Solid Waste Department and our county's State congressman.

This even after our state Department of Environmental Quality has been pushing a Recycling and Litter Prevention Program state wide.

Our county recently held a Electronics Recycling program sponsored by the VA DEQ and Dell. "(T)he project collected more than 29,000 pounds". You would think this would be a wake up call to the leaders of our county that recycling works.

Even after this, our county leaders feel that there is no market for recycled materials that would be worth any extra expense to clean up the garbage.

So count your blessings if you recycle anything more than used motor oil or white goods.

By the way, these items are not seperated from the solid waste stream, they are only recycled if brought in by the consumer to a pre-designated location. Nothing is actually seperated from the solid waste stream.

Buford Hill
aka Garbage Man
Recycling Advocate
Dickenson County, Virginia

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