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Re: [greenyes] Fwd: Managing municipal recycling collection by license or fra...

If the market does not create the results you need, sometimes some form of
franchise agreement/s are required. If you use an exclusive, write a very
tight agreement. Look at what cities in CA have done such as San Jose or Oakland
to name a couple.

For commercial recycling, look at what the collection method needs to be --
curbside style bins (which can be folded into residential recycling routes),
containers which require FEL/REL trucks, or debris box size.

Typically small businesses have been the most difficult to cost-effectively
serve and which can gain the most from a franchise arrangement - especially
if you have nearby residential recycling routes.

The big haulers like to have, but loathe to compete for, exclusive franchise
rights for larger businesses. If you go this route, go with caution and keep
as many rights as you can - performance requirements (not just service but
also promotion/education), liquidated damages for poor service, commodity
profit sharing for the inevitable commodity price spikes, and top line data
keeping (so you know what sort of bang-for-the-buck you're getting).

Good Luck

Paul Brown
ex recycler

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