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[greenyes] First Recycling License Plate in the Country - Legislation Introduced To Create Recycles Issue License Plate -

For More Information Contact For Immediate Release
Jeff Edwards
NYSAR3 Board member
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Legislation Introduced To
Create Recycles Issue License Plate
First Recycling License Plate in the Country

Albany, NY - April 5: - The New York State Association for Reduction Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) today praised the introduction of legislation to create a New York Recycles "Issues" license plate. The Plate was developed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles in Partnership with the New York State Association for Reduction Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3).

"This is the first recycling license plate issued in the United States." said Sharon Fisher, President of NYSAR3, "Other states including the State of Washington are looking to emulate it."

The license plate features a logo of the green chasing arrows recycling symbol overlaid on a silhouette of New York State. Along the bottom of the plate it reads "Reduce Reuse Recycle" and in the lower left hand corner, below the logo it reads "New York Recycles"

Senator Carl L. Marcellino introduced the legislation in the Senate and Assemblyman William Colton has introduced the bill in the Assembly.

"Displaying the New York Recycles License Plate on a vehicle shows pride in New York's Recycling Programs." stated Senator Marcellino, "New York communities throughout the state have worked hard, with support of New York State Government, to implement effective recycling programs. These programs demonstrate the ability of New Yorkers to form effective partnerships between governments, citizens and the private sector to create a sustainable economy in New York State."

Senator Marcellino represents a portion of both Nassau and Suffolk counties. He is Chairman of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee.

Assemblyman William Colton stated, "Recycling has become an integral part of managing solid and hazardous wastes in New York State. This license plate offers New Yorkers the opportunity to demonstrate their personal commitment to the concepts of reduction, reuse and recycling. In addition, purchase of the license plate increases funding for municipal recycling programs through the deposit of the annual purchase fee into the Environmental Protection Fund."

Assemblyman Colton represents part of Brooklyn, NY City. He is Chairman of the Legislative Commission on Solid Waste Management. The Commission is charged with studying solid waste issues in New York and proposing legislation to address those issues.

"Recycling promotes sustainability and is good public policy. Every community in New York is legally required to have recycling programs in place. There is strong public support for recycling and I support efforts, such as this one, which educate the public about the many benefits of recycling," said New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Eliot Spitzer was instrumental in working with communities that had stopped recycling to reintroduce their recycling programs - as state law requires. In each instance, the programs have been made more effective and have been met with public support.

The bill requires the $25 dollar annual fee from each license plate sale and renewal to be credited to the Environmental Protection Fund's Solid Waste Account to fund municipal waste reduction or recycling activities.

NYSAR3 created an organizational plate in partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles last year. The legislation will change the plate, from an Organizational Plate, which is currently available, to an Issues Plate. This change would allow the dedication of the $25 annual fee to the Environmental Protection Fund. The $25 fee is charged to all custom plate owners. The change would also raise the visibility of the license plate on the Department of Motor Vehicles Custom Plates website.

To purchase the New York Recycles Plate go to the DMV Website, Custom Plate Section at and click on Causes and Organizations. Go to the Organizations section and scroll down until you find the plate of the New York State Association for Reduction Reuse and Recycling. Click on the "Order Now" button and you are on your way to owning the New York Recycles plate. After the Legislation is passed you will find the plate in the Causes section at the top under New York Recycles.

The New York State Association for Reduction Reuse and Recycling (NYSAR3) is a statewide Association that was formed in 1988. It is dedicated to promoting recycling and providing educational and networking opportunities to public and private recycling professionals throughout New York State. It also supports citizens, advocates and not-for profit organizations dedicated to waste prevention, material reuse and recycling.

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