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Re: [greenyes] recycling rate questions


While you've received a lot of caution you may still be interested in a source of information. Check BioCycle's annual State of Garbage in America series.

Kaufman, S. M., N. Goldstein, et al. (2004). "The state of garbage in America: 14th annual nationwide survey of solid waste management in the United States." BioCycle 45(1): 31-41.

You'll also want to have a look at the following article found in the same issue.

Themelis, N. J. and S. M. Kaufman (2004). "State of garbage in America: Data and methodology assessment." BioCycle 45(4): 22-26.

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For some reason, the end of the digest gets cut off in most of my
emails, so I didn't get the emails from Jerry Powell or Christine McCoy.
Could you please resend to my email address, and copy me on all future
replies that I originate.

Thanks so much,

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