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[greenyes] Tell Apple PR: iWaste Is NOT Random

Dear Green Yes folks:

I am writing to ask that GRRN members help to get this action alert out through your networks
as you may know, the Computer TakeBack Campaign has been urging Apple to join with HP and Dell to support Producer Responsibility for e-Waste
this is an especially important time, since Apple is still refusing to meet with us and their board meeting is happening April 21
we are making a last effort to resolve our issues with them before the board meeting, so the more that they hear from people to support us,
the more likely it is that they will make some movement
if you have any questions or comments about this, please let me know
thanks a lot!

Ted Smith

Tell the Apple PR Team: iWaste is NOT Random


While the Apple PR team works on its joyful campaign about leading a more adventurous life with the new iPod shuffle, the company continues its backdoor campaign against recycling and making poison-free products.

Their sweet little iPod shuffles are tainted by a dirty underside - inside the fashion-statement packages are poisonous lead and other highly toxic chemicals that cause damage to our brains and reproductive and nervous systems. Once the millions of these new exciting iPod shuffles become obsolete - they will be dumped into landfills or shipped overseas as electronic scrap where they leach into our air, land and water.

<>Tell the Apple PR Team: iWaste is NOT Random

Yet, Apple continues not to have any effective program to recycle discarded computers or iPods nor has it eliminated many toxins in its products. It opposes legislation to recycle electronic waste and produce cleaner machines. It's time for Apple to promote something really exciting - poison-free products that can be safely and conveniently recycled.

Instead of blocking changes to make our lives poison free, Apple should live up to its ethical reputation and take leadership to stop the growing mountain of toxic electronic waste from poisoning our families and communities. It should develop the best recycling system for its used machines and build cleaner and safer electronic products. That's the kind of campaign PR could really make exciting.

<>Tell the Apple PR Team: iWaste is NOT Random

Ted Smith
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition/Computer TakeBack Campaign
760 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95112
408-287-6707-phone; 408-287-6771-fax

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