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[greenyes] New Bush Deregulatory Thrust

ROLLING STONEBush's Most Radical Plan Yet

WIth a vote of hand-picked lobbyists, the president could terminate
any federal agency he dislikes


If you've got something to hide in Washington, the best place to bury it is
in the federal budget. The spending plan that President Bush submitted to
Congress this year contains 2,000 pages that outline funding to safeguard
the environment, protect workers from injury and death, crack down on
securities fraud and ensure the safety of prescription drugs. But almost
unnoticed in the budget, tucked away in a single paragraph, is a provision
that could make every one of those protections a thing of the past.
The proposal, spelled out in three short sentences, would give the president
the power to appoint an eight-member panel called the "Sunset Commission,"
which would systematically review federal programs every ten years and
decide whether they should be eliminated. Any programs that are not
"producing results," in the eyes of the commission, would "automatically
terminate unless the Congress took action to continue them."






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