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Re: [greenyes] New Bush Deregulatory Thrust

 Yes. The President does some wonderful things, adds a dose of common sense, and Rolling Stone calls it "radical" -- as if that is a bad thing.  The only thing radical about President Bush's budget it that it is so rare these days for the government to consider practicality and results when it comes to federal programs.


Sunset commissions are somewhat common in government and should be encouraged. Results are very important when you take money from citizens and filter it through the federal bureaucracy. If taxpayers money is determined to be wasted then it should be re-directed to new or better-managed programs. Maybe even returned to the people who actually pay the taxes.


Dan Weisenbach

On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:12:37 -0500, Peter Anderson wrote:
> ROLLING STONE Bush's Most Radical Plan Yet
The spending plan that President
> Bush submitted to Congress this year contains 2,000 pages that
> outline funding to safeguard the environment, protect workers from
> injury and death, crack down on securities fraud and ensure the
> safety of prescription drugs.
> Peter Anderson

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