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Re: [greenyes] market solutions

Thanks Rick!


If you have any of those meetings in conjunction with conferences or trade shows, then I may be able to attend.  I can only travel to California about 3 or so times a year (lacking both time and money). I plan to be at the CRRA Conference in LA in July. Also, I'm in frequent contact with the CIWMB and the CA Dept. of Conservation -- both are great examples of positive govt. intervention because they incorporate the private sector as part of the solution. I was totally unaware of CRMTI (California Resource Management Training Institute) -- so I just checked out the website. I really like your concept of waste as a resource. I would like to learn more about it and would be happy to provide input or additional resources.  Does CA have a materials exchange?

You can check out Ohio's at

Here in the midwest, we're working with the state recycling organizations to share more ideas, policies, and information between states.  

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, we have "Legislative Day" to inform our elected officials of the issues that affect Recycling, Litter, and MSW.

The Carolina Recycling Association is doing some nice work: "CRA - Sweetening the Deal"

Ohio's economic study funded by ODNR-DRLP :

The ROADBLOCKS I referred to are in employment regulations, workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, double taxation of corporate profits, property taxes on equipment, property taxes on inventory, (joint and several) product liability, excessive regulations and reporting requirements, this list has no end but I'll stop now...


Dan Weisenbach

Columbus, Ohio


Regarding Global / Local issues:

1. Support your Local (insert your cause here).

2. We are all local.

 On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:24:37 EDT, RicAnthony@no.address wrote:
> In a message dated 4/25/2005 8:22:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> dan@no.address writes:I dare you to ask me what the
> "roadblocks" are --- better yet, what do you think are the hurdles
> we should eliminate?
> HI Dan:
> CRRA, CRMTI and the CIWMB have been holding meetings with
> stakeholders to identify the barriers toward building a new
> consensus for a California Resource Management Policy.
> We have a Republican Governor and with Robert Kennedy as an
> environmental advisor.  Its time for you to step up.
> I dare you.
> Rick
> Ricanthony@no.address
> San Diego, California

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