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[greenyes] Plastic Light Covers......need recycling

Hello all,

Our college here in Providence, Rhode Island...
has just replaced ~1300 plastic electric-light covers.
The old covers are in need of recycling. The covers
are usable, they are 2 x 2 and made of plastic (what
grade, I'm not sure). Our usual recycling partner in
these projects, a 're-use products for education' type
organization here in Providence, is currently having
difficulty due to space limitations and a broken van.

We are looking for a similar organization that has a
truck (or truck capacity) or a plastics recycling
center that may shred material for reuse, preferably
on the east coast, that may be looking to take most or
all of the covers.

Does anyone have any suggestions on who I can contact?

Providence College Recycling Office
or 401-865-1881

(you may not make contact if you use the above yahoo


JM. Corrente
Recycling Coordinator

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