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[greenyes] Today's WSJ article: "Beyond Recycling" ?

If anyone has access to today's Wall Street Journal article called "Beyond
Recycling: Manufacturers Embrace 'C2C' Design" by Rebecca Smith, can you
please share it with us all? Thanks.

>From GRIST:
Smart, eco-friendly design making inroads in the business community

The seminal 2002 book "Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make
Things," by architect William McDonough and chemist Michael
Braungart, inspired a slogan for 21st century designers: "Pollution
is a symbol of design failure." They proposed that every material
used in manufacturing should be capable of either biodegrading
harmlessly into the soil or returning with no loss of quality into
the manufacturing process. More and more businesses are embracing
the C2C concept, for economic as well as environmental reasons.
Office design company Herman Miller Inc. hopes to have 50 percent of
its products meet C2C specs by 2010. Carpet maker Shaw Industries
now offers to pick up and recycle all of its carpet tiles, reducing
both waste and money spent on new materials. Office furniture
company Steelcase has released "Think," a 99 percent recyclable
office chair. Going C2C is getting easier, too, as industry
introduces new eco-friendly materials and economies of scale push the
prices down. As that happens, more companies, says Shaw's Steven
Bradfield, "will quietly adopt this as a basic business practice."

straight to the source: The Wall Street Journal, Rebecca Smith, 03
Mar 2005 (access ain't free)

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