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[greenyes] International Women's Day Special

Today, Tuesday, March 8, is International Womens' Day.
Among humans generally, women do most of the work, in various senses of the word.
(I apologize in advance to those considering this off-topic.)


WLOE e-news: 8 March 2005

International Women's Day Special

The Women and Life on Earth team in Berlin greets you on International Women's Day.
Today we honor one of our most active international advisors and friends, Satomi Oba of Hiroshima, who suffered a fatal stroke on February 24th. In her memory we will support international action for peace on the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6th. See our special page:
<>We mourn the loss of Satomi Oba

A message today from the Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific, based in Malaysia, asks us to remember the women and children survivers of the Tsunami. See their important report at:

From Iraq -- and Rome -- the story of the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who survived first kidnapping, then shots from a U.S. checkpoint. Her own story, "My Truth", is at her "il manifesto" newspaper website in English.

We thank Women's E-News for Louise Bernikow's story on <>The Birth of Women's History Month: "The evolution of March as Women's History Month is a story with many points of origin, non-linear narratives, competing calendars and claims and a denouement of some irony..."
See also: <>U.S. Engages in Tug-of-War at Beijing Plus 10 (7 March 05) By Allison Stevens, fifth in a seven-part series on the Beijing Platform:
" As delegates across the globe assess the progress of women in the past decade, the United States delegation created uproars by trying to amend the basic document with anti-abortion language..."

Other new entries, women's voices, on our website:

On the occasion of George W. Bush's visit in Germany on February 23rd, sociologist-activist Maria Mies addressed members of the peace movement. Here, our English translation: <>Mr. Bush, you are not welcome!

North Korea says it has nuclear weapons. Women Making Peace, the leading women's peace group in South Korea, wants to let the world know of their concerns. See their statement: "<>Mutual Trust between North Korea and the U.S is the Way to Achieve Nuclear Disarmament in North Korea."

Women and Life on Earth
Marienstr. 19/20
10117 Berlin

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