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[greenyes] Are you going to NY, LA or Beijing?

Somebody said that San Diego has had as much rain as Seattle this year.  At 18 inches and still raining, I donât doubt it.    But since I have been in New York and Beijing in the last few months (really cold), even a rainy Southern California looks good.


This spring I am helping plan three major conferences.

In each case we want to spotlight the new resource management strategy of making producers responsible for sustainable product design and clean production up front and composting and recycling as disposal solutions.


We are looking for sponsors, exhibitors, and possible presenters at each event.  Beijing would be a good place for the next ZWIA meeting.


The time line is very short (I need ideas now), and there is no promise of compensation.  If you were planning to go to any of these events and can help on topic or with sponsorship please contract me as soon as possible.


 We are looking for good key notes and case studies of best practices that are alternatives to landfill and burning.


I am sure spring in New York, summer in Los Angeles and fall in Beijing will be glorious. 


Rick Anthony


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