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RE: [greenyes] Green party zero waste platform
I have been a PA Green Party deligate and on the State Steering Committee
that past 2 years and I have no idea what you're talking about.

I don't believe we need to be having political party debates on this list -
but since it was brought up I would like to make a correction.

The issues that you mention there are Green Party members, Republicans, and
Democrats, etc who are both for and against these issues.  As far as the
National Green Party platform (which by the way is at, NOT at I'm not sure how/if these issues are addressed.  As far as
the State Party: there is not, to my knowledge, wording in the platform
addressing ANY of these issues.

Perhaps a few vocal people in the party speak loudly against the below
issues as you've stated - but they do not represent the whole of the group
or the party as an organization.

Steve Weisser

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Karl Zehr, Unless you are a Green PA delegate to the
state party you have no idea what I am talking about.
They are against higher tipping fees to incourage
recycling and other state importing their waste into
Pa landfills. They are against taxes on cigarettes
because the poor can not efford them anymore. They are
against methane digestors and ethanol which both are
organic versions of fossil fuel components.  And no
solar is quiet affordable Americans, the riches and
most powerful in the world, to buy and is falling in
cost all the time but only if you buy and support the
solar industry and market. 'Third world countries' are
buying over 80 precent of our panels made in America,

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