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Re: [greenyes] Evangelical Concern with Environment
Peter, thanks so much for the two articles you sent.  I've spent the last week trying to prepare a response to earlier emails on this issue, that excuse me, were very ignorant on the subject, but your two articles really helped to enlighten the issue.  The article from Moyer was a disgrace to factual journalism, and to quote his own hand "It is hard for the journalist to report a story like this with any credibility" (A perfect example of how taking one statement out of context and using it can distort its intent)
I truly believe that Christians are seeing the environment as an important issue.  In Los Angeles last year a group of some of the most influential Religious leaders met to begin discussing our role in environmental stewardship.  In setting up local recycling programs, I've noticed many churches are the first to participate and take the program seriously.
No to go on and on, but there are two parts in Moyers article that I really want to point out.  First, in the very first paragraph he states that "For the first time in our history, ideology, and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington"....just pointing out that if Kerry had been elected, that statement would still be true,
and second in one paragraph, he states "Karl Rove goes around the White House whistling that militant hymn, "Onward Christian Soldiers."  He turned our millions of the foot soldiers on Nov 2"  I know that as a republican, Christian and environmentalist, I didn't turn out my vote at the poll because of Karl Rove, and as an american, isn't our democracy based on the ability to advocate for our beliefs.  Many times in this business, (the environmental business) when something is pending that could harm the environment we send out emails and enlist those that will support us.  Why should that same freedom be taken from those who want to pull together to support Christian beliefs.
I'm sure that I've offended someone, but that wasn't my goal. 
Judi Gregory
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