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Re: [greenyes] Evangelical Concern with Environment
At 05:39 PM 2/7/2005 -0500, JudiGregry@no.address wrote:


No to go on and on, but there are two parts in Moyers article that I really want to point out.  First, in the very first paragraph he states that "For the first time in our history, ideology, and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington"....just pointing out that if Kerry had been elected, that statement would still be true,

This I do not understand.  What is the connection between "theology" and Kerry?  (My impression is that he is a Catholic but was attacked by many members and leaders of this church for not conforming his positions to the anti-abortion line of said church.)


 Many times in this business, (the environmental business) when something is pending that could harm the environment we send out emails and enlist those that will support us.  Why should that same freedom be taken from those who want to pull together to support Christian beliefs.

Who is trying to do that?

Alan Muller

I'm sure that I've offended someone, but that wasn't my goal. 
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