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Re: [greenyes] Evangelical Concern with Environment
I gave a book called God & Gaia to someone once. It's critical of somethings, but is mostly from a Chrisitian view that God wants us to be good stewards.

David Biddle <Dbiddle@no.address> wrote:
Yeah. I don?t think any of this argument should be directed at evangelicals or religion per se. The religious community runs the gamut in its view of environmental policy. An excellent volume of Daedulus came out in Fall of 2001 (titled ?Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change??) with articles by representatives of all the major religions in the world. Sally McFugue wrote the piece on Christianity?s role. She is a theologian from, I believe, Vanderbilt. Her argument is highly critical of the general Christian world view of the relationship between environment and economy (?the neoclassical interpretation? of the world). She calls for a more ?worldly Christianity.?

An interesting exercise is to Google ?Evangelical environmentalists? and ?Christian environmentalists?  You?ll find arguments for and against.

One thing is apparent to me reading all this stuff, and that is that there is seriously muddled thinking going on here. And it?s not just on environmental issues either. Our value system as a whole is out of kilter...there doesn?t seem to be a lot of wisdom getting through all the social filters that govern public discourse.

Not sure what the answer is...


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