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RE: [greenyes] World Resource Map?
There is a world map about petroleum by the Ecology Center in Berkeley, California.
The True Cost of Petroleum World Map is at
Other factsheets in the True Cost of Petroleum series are about impact on community, home, and body:
If you find a map that includes other resources as well, please share it with the list. That would be a valuable tool.
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Subject: [greenyes] World Resource Map?

I am looking for a world map that has little symbols of where a large amount of each of the world's resources are concentrated. What regions produce what, etc. I've tried looking but I can't come up with anything. Anyone know where I could find something like that? It's for a recycling activity to teach schoolchildren about recycling and part of that is where stuff comes from so we can conserve those places and so they can feel closer to the packaging that they are disposing of.

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