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[greenyes] Landfills and Global Warming - Stephen Pollard's Technical Dispute
Regretably, I have been unable to convince Stephen to take off line the 
first cut at his technical dispute with my point that expanded composting is 
the way to resolve the major responsibility landfill's gas emissions bear 
for global warming.

I do know that almost no one on the list wants to be bothered by the 
preliminary back and forth and just wants the final answer, so I won't be 
responding any longer to his continued postings. But unless he comes up with 
something new to say other than quoting EPA's discredited reports (in that 
they use assumptions that are a mathematical impossibility), my not 
responding ought not be construed as indicating that I agree with what he 
has to say.

If we are able to engage off line and reach any conclusions, I get those 
back to the group in a short summary format.  I'll also post how to get a 
copy of our detailed technical report as soon as its done.

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