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[greenyes] Green party zero waste platform
>From Karl Zehr's posting:

"3. We support making manufacturers responsible for the full life cycle of
their products by taking back used packaging and products for
remanufacturing, reuse, or recycling. The electronics industry in particular
must redesign its products to eliminate toxic components and enable clean
recycling. We support the Principles of Extended Producer Responsibility
(, as outlined by the EPR Working Group
of the Grassroots Recycling Network. Policies to assist this transition
include bans, recycled content standards, and economic incentives such as
taxation, special fees, and deposits. "
I find it interesting that the description of 'full life cycle' only talks
about what happens to a product after its life is over-- not about what goes
into making the products. I would imagine the environmental and social
impacts of mining are at least equal to those associated with disposal.  

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