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[greenyes] Re: 3 articles link mining reforms to recycling investment

Sometimes the simplest solution is the easiest.  This links to 3 articles
showing how 1) Canada reformed its 1977 mining pollution policy; 2)
Noranda's CEO made a speech to mining industry officials saying they needed
to diversify to be sustainable, and 3) Noranda made the biggest electronics
recycling investment in North America.

Imagine the possibilities if the USA reformed the General Mining Act of
1872?  The biggest negative I've heard is that recycling prices would jump
too high and people would be tearing copper cable off the powerlines and
we'd become a police state.  But I think we could ease into that.

I tried sending this as an article attachment a little while ago and don't
think it made it through, my apologies if this is a repeat but the link is
easier to read.

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