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Re: [greenyes] Neither Side is Going to the Gas Chambers
At 02:13 PM 2/18/2005 -0600, Peter Anderson wrote:
    In the continuing controversy over my posting on GreenYes of a Wall
Street Journal article about Stephen McIntyre, who is a global warming

I have not been reading this thread but want to chime in support of the points (I take it) Peter is making here.

The vast majority of professional global-warming-deniers I've encountered have not impressed me. Most of them seem to be whores of fossil fuel interests or whatever. But not all. And the integrity of science as a truth-finder requires respectful attention to good-faith contrarians.

Aside from that, the people out there listening to the debate--or not now listening--are the ones needing to be reached. I doubt that highly-inflated rhetoric is the way to do that. (I suppose a lot of people would consider the American Petroleum Institute seems a pretty credible source....)

Aside from that, hey, lets notice that we have "won" if that's the term. it's not debatable any more among reasonable people: Warming is happening and has to be addressed. Even the nutballs now running the US will have to shift their positions pretty soon.

I think the time has come to recognize that the basic debate is over and to shift the discussion to "what do we do about it " and how sustainable materials management fit's it.


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