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Re: [greenyes] Green party zero waste platform
Their energy stance? What's their energy stance? And they are for renewable energy. Some Greens can't afford their own solar panels. So, sue them. And it's very hard not to produce garbage. The Green Party wants to make it easier. That's what the Green Party wants to do. Make it easier to do the right thing. Right now, it is sadly difficult a lot of the time. It's easier to call people that believe in something better hypocrits for practicing what they advocate themselves. And its easier to just believe what's easiest now and not be a hypocrit and not feel guilty.
I demonstrated one time with a sign for the environment, and I was called a hypocrit because it was made out of new posterboard. I guess I didn't have to do it in that case, and I should have known better. I could have used old cardboard. But like I was told once, I ruined the soil once; they ruined it a thousand times. There's a difference. And it won't even matter, if things don't change on a large scale anyway. I have done things to decrease my ecological footprint a lot. But that's not going to really change anything. I don't do it so I'm above reproach with people that would accuse me of being a hypocrit. I do it because I care. 

"Bruce Arkwright,Jr" <powerbysun@no.address> wrote:
It is also interesting this is the nation Green
statement, unfortunately and more importantly do the
individual members and citizens practice this, unlike
their energy stance I know for a fact they do not
practice what they preach, well maybe in CA but not in

--- amy perlmutter wrote:

> From Karl Zehr's posting:
> "3. We support making manufacturers responsible for
> the full life cycle of
> their products by taking back used packaging and
> products for
> remanufacturing, reuse, or recycling. The
> electronics industry in particular
> must redesign its products to eliminate toxic
> components and enable clean
> recycling. We support the Principles of Extended
> Producer Responsibility
> (, as outlined
> by the EPR Working Group
> of the Grassroots Recycling Network. Policies to
> assist this transition
> include bans, recycled content standards, and
> economic incentives such as
> taxation, special fees, and deposits. "
> I find it interesting that the description of 'full
> life cycle' only talks
> about what happens to a product after its life is
> over-- not about what goes
> into making the products. I would imagine the
> environmental and social
> impacts of mining are at least equal to those
> associated with disposal.

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