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[greenyes] RE: Sierra Club link to Earth 911
Inaccurate data was an issue when Georgia first partnered with the
system, and probably remains so in localities without staff
As with any database, it's simply the case that what you get out of the
system is directly proportional to what you put in. If you sign up for
the User Interface and get edit access, then you have control over the
postings within your jurisdiction. I think E911 has done a pretty
amazing job of populating the nationwide database, considering that they
often had no local assistance in gathering and verifying the
information. Make E911 your own and put in accurate data, and you'll
get accurate results.

State level staff (in partner states, which Oregon is not) and other
"superusers" have the ability to change content and add links to any
number of additional resources.

Sierra Club is welcome to go as deep as they like into social issues,
but the most valuable feature of Earth 911 is the zipcode-driven
interface, and providing information about local recycling options is
the unique service that they can offer- without heading off on more
controversial green tangents.

Jay Donnaway
Oregon DEQ Solid Waste Policy Analyst
Former Georgia Recycling Coordinator

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