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[greenyes] Sierra Club link to Earth 911
Hi Jay:

I believe the problems in the past with Earth911 have to do with accuracy
of data. Not with their funding sources.

My personal experience with Earth911 data quality is from 5 years ago,
much too long for my personal experiences to count. I did over the years
hear from other CRRA members that the data Earth 911 had was old or
inaccurate or they had problems getting info corrected. I didn't know if
that was still the case. It seems from today's emails that in some cases
it is and in some cases it is not.

As you can see from Heidi Feldman from Monterey County California that
she has been able to work out a system with Earth911 that is

My reason for the initial posting is the lack of any other recycling
information other than Earth911 on the Sierra Club website. No Zero
Waste information, no discussion of prevailing wage, although the Club
does have a prevailing wage policy (social justice/sustainability
criteria), no discussion of system designs, etc. Going farther into the
website there is a discussion of developing tool kits to help communities
fighting transfer stations and a link to Georgia SC website on recycling.
But all in all, pretty slim.

I made an assumption that many people on CRRAs and GRRNs listserve are
Sierra Club members and would be concerned that the Club is missing a
huge amount of information. As the Nations largest or second largest
environmental group (Audobon I think is bigger), it would behoove all of
us to ensure that the Sierra Club has the best information, of all kinds,
on it's website.

As Susan Hubbard pointed out, I was not the first Sierra Club member
concerned that the recycling related info is limited and the only link
per se goes to a place that may..... or may not.... have the most
accurate information.

My recommendation to all of you working for local government is to go to
the site follow the link and see if the info is correct. If it is
correct, great! If it isn't, get Earth911 to ensure that it is and cc:
the Sierra Club to make sure info is accurate.

What I am doing for local gov that are within my SC Chapters borders (San
Mateo, Santa Clara and San Benito Counties in California) is to add their
local links to our local chapter website. I'll put in what ever link the
govt agency wants.

Ann Schneider

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:10:10 -0800 "DONNAWAY Jay"
<Donnaway.Jay@no.address> writes:
> Ann,
> Please educate us as to what problems some CRRA members have with
> Earth's 911. In my several years of experience with E911 as a
> state
> partner in Georgia, the organization provided extremely responsive
> and
> efficient staff, cutting-edge software, and a free service that
> most
> local governments couldn't replicate even with huge budgets.
> If the objection is due to their sponsorship by companies with
> less-than
> perfect environmental records, people should either produce evidence
> of
> that sponsorship affecting the quality of their service, pull out a
> big
> checkbook, or find something better to complain about.
> Jay Donnaway
> Oregon DEQ

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