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RE: [greenyes] Performance of split roll carts for recycling?

"Our community wants to evaluate potential use of split carts for paper &
container 2 stream recycling (not waste/.recyclables split at this

If anyone has data on performance of these carts including capacity,
capacity/side, cost of carts, types of trucks they work best w/ - side
loaders, rear loaders, top loaders. productivity rates cycle
time/stops/hour. how they compare with the alternatives (we now have a
single bin system with paper separated in a bag or stacked on the bottom or
one side staffing with one person or two, that would be helpful."


The regional county of Haut-Richelieu near Montréal bought, in 2003, 34 000
split cart for recycling. The carts cost ~3 M$ (cdn) and are use with an
automated side-loader. The first 3 months, the see a 33 % increase in volume
recovery. They can be reach at (450) 347-0299 or by email at
info@no.address for further details.

Mario Laquerre
Secteur municipal


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