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[greenyes] Recycling Manufactured Housing

Hello All -

Mickey Beach with Heartwood Resources - a buildinig materials reuse
facility - in rural oregon is conducting a feasibility study to determine if
they can establish a manufactured housing recycling facility in his
community. Is anyone aware of other such facilites throughout the country?
Any case studies and/or contact information you can provide would be
extremely helpful.

Please email him: mbeach@no.address; and cc: me: cmccoy@no.address with any
information you have!

Thanks so much,

Christine McCoy
Director, Environmental Programs
Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Inc.
1522 K Street, NW, Suite #400
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202/408-1273 ext. 104
Toll Free: 800/321-7227
Fax: 202/408-8165
Email: cmccoy@no.address <mailto:cmccoy@no.address>
Website: <>

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