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RE: [greenyes] Recycling campaign signs

Hi John,

We did a project after the 2003 provincial election. In Québec, most of the
campaign signs are in Coroplast(. With the help of the official parties, we
estimated a total of 239 metric tons of plastics to be recycled. To estimate
the weight of the signs, we use the average density of Coroplast( (0,1597
pound by square foot).

We gave to all parties the list of recyclers who accept polypropylene double
walls (Coroplast). After the election, we did a follow up with the
recyclers. Sadly, almost no signs were recovered. One of the reason, we
think, is that signs in Coroplast are reused by schools, farmers, etc. The
wood used in holding the larger signs are also in high demand and therefore
people reuse it.

Good luck

Mario Laquerre
Secteur municipal

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De : Reindl, John [mailto:Reindl@no.address]
Envoyé : 18 octobre, 2004 11:32
À : 'greenyes@no.address'
Objet : [greenyes] Recycling campaign signs

Does anyone know of a community project -- hopefully, a fun-filled project
-- to recycle campaign signs?

As one of the battleground swing states, the signs are everywhere and it
will break my heart if the metal and paper are thrown away come November




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