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[greenyes] No Room to Move: New York City's Impending Solid Waste Crisis

I thought that some members of this list might be interested in reading/reviewing New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson?s recent report ?No Room to Move: New York City?s Impending Waste Crisis. The report evaluates the volume of waste generated and exported from New York City, the regional waste export ?demand? from the State?s competing with New York City for out-of-state disposal capacity, the ability (or lack-there-of) of New York State to meet its waste disposal needs, and the reliability of the current network of large waste importing landfills in close proximity to New York City and beyond. The report pays special attention to the two states that manage more than 70% of New York City?s waste, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

While the report?s limited scope did not address in great detail strategies to increase recycling and waste prevention rates, it does call for a much more aggressive approach to both, I believe that some members of this list will find the information useful in understanding how disposal demand from New York City and other states impacts the solid waste management planning needs of a wide range of public and private sector stake holders.

You can find the report at:

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