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[greenyes] African Environmentalist wins Nobel Peace Prize

Pat Franklin wrote:" Environmentalists and all who work on sustainability issues, take heart!
Rejoice in the good news that Wangari Maathai, an African woman, an
environmentalist, has won the Nobel Peace Prize. "

This woman is truly a woman of courage, commitment, and compassion. I met Wangari Maathai when she was a featured and passionate speaker at the Global Assembly of Women and the Environment in Miami (1991?). At that time she had been responsible for having women plant over 10 million trees in Africa. . . teaching women to develop nurseries so the trees would get a better start, then nurture them to ensure their survival. The number is now up to 30 million trees, according to recent press reports.

She was the first woman to receive her doctorate in Africa. She fought for green space in the cities, leading a populist stance to keep a 60-story office building from being built in one of the city parks. More about her at

Winjiri Maathai, her daughter, is scheduled to be a plenary speaker at the Bioneers conference in San Rafael, CA this coming weekend. The conference is being beamed by satellite to 16 locations across the country--I'll be "thinking globally and acting locally by going to the Great Lakes Bioneers in Traverse City. For more info on other locations visit:

Anyone who wants to be inspired can get an incredible hit by attending and participating in a Bioneers conference, whether in California, or one of the satellite conferences.

Congratulations to Wangari for the recognition she is receiving, and thank you for the inspiration you are and the work that you do.

Mary Appelhof
Mary Appelhof, Author, Worms Eat My Garbage

"Changing the way the world thinks about garbage"

The Russian Worm Connection featured in WormEzine. Access at

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